Thoughts by New Jersey Presbyterians on the 221st General Assembly


If you’re the kind of person who wants to follow the actions of the General Assembly, the best way is to watch the live stream and follow along on PC-biz.

If you prefer to hear the pundits, however, you need to follow the conversation on twitter. Follow the official sources like the Presbyterian Outlook (@presoutlook), the Office of the General Assembly (@presbyGA) for the news. And follow the hashtag #GA221 for the commentary. My favorite tweets of the day:

@mayog: When they have to tell the Commissioners to turn on their electronics, who is surprised that there is no child care? #GA221

@salliedmin: #ga221 EPs are planning a filibuster if we get voice.

@LandonWhitsitt: I’ve got a free gift to the first person who clearly refers to Heath Rada as “#ModeRada” on the floor of #ga221.

@miheekimkort: Holy crap I’m way happy and excited that @LarissaLKA is moderating the meeting right now. It’s so fun. #ga221 #comm6

@cmikoski25: Sara B Moseley was the first woman moderator of the PCUS- you go girl! #rolemodel #GA221

@SheRevSEA: If you want to know what your EP/GP or other thinks, ask them. #GA221

@mnewgale: anyone notice that David Gambrell looks a bit like Jon Snow? #GA221 #GoT #watcheronthewalls

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